An open-source solution maintained and supported by CCRi for storing, indexing, querying, and transforming spatio-temporal data at scale in Google Cloud Bigtable.


Make Big Spatio-Temporal Data Actionable

Storing spatio-temporal data so that they can be analyzed presents many challenges.  Simply adding latitude and longitude to a table’s schema will not enable many of the important spatial filtering and processing capabilities required by most mapping interfaces and analytics.  Doing this at scale on a distributed datastore presents even more challenges. GeoMesa for Google Cloud Bigtable is a scalable solution for storing big spatio-temporal data and making these data available for mapping and analytic applications.

Standards Based Interfaces

GeoMesa implements GeoTools interfaces including DataStore, FeatureSource, and FeatureReader. This implementation hides the details of the persistence implementation from application developers.  By following industry standards provided by the Open Geospatial Consortium, GeoMesa supports out-of-the-box integration with a wide variety of existing OGC compliant clients. Through GeoSever plugins, developers have access to WMS, WFS, and WCS services.  Additionally, analytic services can be developed and deployed as WPS services.

Open Source Software

GeoMesa is an open source software package under the Eclipse Foundation’s Location Tech Working Group. Visit for more information.

Professional Support

CCRi offers professional support packages for initial product roll-out, custom feature development, and ongoing support.  CCRi also offers custom analytical tool development services.  To provide the highest quality support, CCRi has partnered with Boundless, the leading support services provider for the Open GeoSuite.  This partnership offers support for an end-to-end spatial stack backed by Google Cloud Bigtable.