CCRi at becamp

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For several years now, various CCRi employees have attended Charlottesville’s pop-up tech conference becamp, and this year we took the additional step of becoming a sponsor. The conference is free for all to attend and provides T-shirts, pizza, beer and other drinks … Read More

Mixed Bag

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CCRi’s annual spring brewfest once again put beer tasters in the difficult quandary of trying to rank favorites from the plethora of home-brewed goodness. While the kids played in large, muddy ponds from recent rains, the brew tasters thoughtfully sampled, … Read More

Trivial Matters

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Sometimes you just need to take a break and enjoy the little things in life. Good coffee. Good beer. Good food with friendly co-workers. Better yet, Good food, good beer, and some tough trivia. All of these things we embraced … Read More

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